The Best Porta Potties In Dayton: How Toilets and Co Has You Covered

If you’re thinking about a porta potty rental in Dayton, you’re in the right place. 

Toilets and Co. provides clean, reliable, and comfortable portable toilets for rent in the Dayton and Springfield, Ohio region, making your next outdoor event hassle-free and hygienic. 

What makes us the best porta potty company around? 

In our clearly biased opinion, it comes down to three things: great communication, clean and hygienic spaces, and rapid service. 

Portable Toilet Rentals Plus Great Communication

What many people don’t realize when searching for a porta potty near me is that mega corporations with locations across the country create websites that look very local – but in reality are bringing toilets from as far as 2-4 hours away!

Toilets and Co. is a locally owned and operated toilet rental company, and when you call us, you get a real person on the phone, you get clear and transparent pricing, and you get a commitment to communication from start to finish. 

Tired of getting the runaround with so many service businesses – you call, get a voicemail, hope for a callback – we launched Toilets and Co. in 2022 with the goal of providing incredible customer service for people and organizations with a clear need – portable toilets delivered!

Our commitment to clear communication with customers (and potential customers like you) looks like this: 

  • You always get someone on the phone when you call during business hours, and we return off-hour calls or messages promptly.
  • We respond to emails quickly, and we even do text messaging at our business number, because we know that’s the way many people communicate quickly today.
  • When you call, chances are you’re talking to one of Toilets and Co.’s owners and founders – we’re 100% invested in making your porta john rental a great experience!

Check out our Google Reviews and testimonials and you’ll see that customers repeatedly affirm our communicative approach to porta john rentals. 

Here’s a great example:

“Great service, amazing prices, and so much better than the rest. When you call, it’s really him, not outsourced from the big guys. True local company and great to deal with. He helped put out a unit to our event with little notice, without the back and forth I’ve always had to deal with. Quoted a price right over the phone and delivered. Highly recommend!!” – Todd White

That’s us! Clear communication and fair pricing.

A Porta Potty Rental Company That’s All About Cleanliness

Have you ever opened a porta john door and seen a veritable tower of poo reaching to the top of the toilet tank? 

Urine sprayed across the back of the john and down the sides? 

While we can’t control everything that toilet users do inside our porta potties, we can control how frequently we clean toilets that are on-site, and how fast and how well we respond to cleaning requests or problems when they arise.

We take porta potty hygiene and cleanliness seriously at Toilets and Co, with weekly cleanings (and more frequently for high-traffic toilets) for our long-term porta potty placements, and quick turnaround when clients call asking for a clean-out. 

Our porta potties get:

  • Regular spray-downs with an environmentally friendly antiseptic cleaning solution – from top to bottom
  • Hand- and spot-cleaning for caked on dirt or debris
  • Well-stocked hand sanitizer dispensers in every toilet 
  • Clean and high-quality toilet paper with multiple, high-capacity rolls in every portable toilet

The last thing you want is for your customers to turn around as soon as they open the door. 

With Toilets and Co., you can worry less and enjoy your event more.

Rapid Service for Porta Johns

This last one is a marriage of the first two. 

Toilets and Co. is one of the best portable toilet companies in Montgomery County for a reason: rapid response when you need a toilet or just need your toilet serviced. 

Whether for a weekend soccer tournament or a 12-month construction project, we make every effort to get you toilets in a rush, when you need them, and to service them as soon as possible when issues arise. 

Someone made a mess in your porta john? Just call and we’ll be there. 

Toilet paper running low? Call and we’ll be there. 

We take speedy customer service seriously, because toilets aren’t the kind of thing that can go for long periods without some attention, especially when you’re running a high-capacity event or job-site. 

You have patrons, customers, visitors, or employees to keep happy, and we want to help you look your best. 

Dayton’s Best Portable Toilet Company? We Like To Think So

While we’ve got a reason to consider Toilets and Co. the best porta potty company in Dayton – we want to win your business! – you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Check out our reviews and testimonials on Google, poke around our website, and even take a look at our competition. 

Then, give us a call for your next portable toilet rental. 

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