Porta Potty Rentals in Fairborn, OH

When Fairborn needs outdoor restrooms or portable toilet cleaning & pumping, Fairborn turns to Toilets and Co.

The Best Porta Potty Rentals in Fairborn For a Reason...

If you’re looking for a porta potty rental in Fairborn, Ohio, you’re in the right place. 

At Toilets and Co., we understand that the success of your event or project in Fairborn often depends on providing essential amenities for your guests and workers. That’s why we offer reliable and high-quality porta potty rental services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. Whether you’re hosting a large outdoor festival, managing a construction site, or planning an intimate gathering, our porta potties ensure that everyone has access to clean and convenient restroom facilities.

It’s a commitment to excellence and customer care that sets us apart from the competition.

We take pride in maintaining our porta potty units to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before delivery, ensuring a pleasant experience for all users. And with our regular maintenance services, you can rest assured that your rental will remain in top condition throughout your event or project duration.

Choose Toilets and Co. for your porta potty rental needs in Fairborn, Ohio, and experience the difference that quality and service can make.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and to get a free quote!

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Storage Kingdom
Storage Kingdom
May 20, 2024
Professional, reliable, and overall great experience with Toilets & Co.! We used them at our construction job site for all the contractors and they were always there to take care of their units and cleaned them on time. Highly recommend!
Kara Tom
Kara Tom
May 13, 2024
Great! Very quick to reply & get us all set up. It was placed right where we wanted it. Very clean & worked great for our birthday party!
Mark Schutte
Mark Schutte
April 23, 2024
Wow! What a great company! They showed up with an immaculuent unit. They placed it, gave us extra paper, very attentive to every detail. It was a perfect delivery. Thank you
April 19, 2024
Very good and such an amazing price!!
Lisa Marie McClure
Lisa Marie McClure
April 15, 2024
10 out of 10... I contacted Chad after Mr. Clean (a much larger well known company) agreed to come out however stood me up without contacting me or returning my calls.. (very unprofessional) I stressed to them how urgent I needed their services for I had company coming in from outta state, stayed home from work and waited all day for a NO Show.. Needless to say i was beyond annoyed... Chad was very compassionate, professional and understood my urgency. .. Then Ryan came out to complete my services and I just want to express how kind, caring, compassionate & very professional he was... He was on time and very sufficient and just an all-around nice guy.. This (smaller not so well known company) is top notch... Superb professionalism... I will continue to use them and refer any and everyone I know that has campers and needs this kind of service.... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Delmarva Buildings
Delmarva Buildings
April 8, 2024
Delmarva Buildings has worked with Toilets & Co for approximately a year now and have only good things to say about them so far. We would use them on all our projects if they serviced all the counties we work in. Would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work!
Ryan E (RyIke21)
Ryan E (RyIke21)
March 20, 2024
It doesn't matter if you are renting for a weekend or if it's your personal use for your construction crews job site. These are some of the best rates and the facilities are kept up and cleaned regularly.
Brandi Hawke
Brandi Hawke
March 14, 2024
Very friendly and professional staff. Prices were great. I'd recommend this company for sure. I'd use again if I ever need to!

Fairborn Porta Potty Rentals Made Easy!

Standard Toilet Units

  • 28-day rental & billing cycle
  • Built-in non-splash urinal
  • Hand-sanitizer dispenser
  • Two-roll toilet paper dispenser
  • Weekly cleaning, supply re-stocking, and waste removal INCLUDED
  • Free delivery and pickup with rental lasting at least 2 billing cycles OR rental of 2+ units ($25 delivery fee otherwise)
handicap porta potty rental

Handicap Toilet Units

  • 28-day rental & billing cycle
  • Hand-sanitizer dispenser
  • Two-roll toilet paper dispenser
  • Weekly cleaning, supply re-stocking, and waste removal INCLUDED
  • Free delivery and pickup with rental lasting at least 2 billing cycles OR rental of 2+ units ($25 delivery fee otherwise)

On-demand or more frequent cleaning & waste removal is available for an additional fee.

Fairborn's Top Choice for the Best Porta Potty Rentals Around!

Exceptional Cleanliness and Hygiene

Our porta potties are meticulously cleaned and sanitized before each rental, ensuring a spotless and pleasant experience for all users. We prioritize hygiene to guarantee that our units meet the highest standards, making us the preferred choice for events and projects of all sizes.

A Wide Range of Convenient Options

We offer a comprehensive selection of porta potty units to accommodate various needs and preferences. From standard units to deluxe models with enhanced features, and ADA-compliant units for accessibility, we have the right solution for every situation. Our handwashing stations also provide an added level of convenience and cleanliness. We do portable sinks too!

Outstanding Customer Service:

We're committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Our team is dedicated to making the rental process seamless and stress-free, offering flexible scheduling, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery and pickup services. We work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are met, allowing you to focus on the success of your event or project.

Get A Porta Potty "Near Me" Today!

We Do –

“My goal is to make your porta potty rental easier than ever.”

– Chad, Owner

Why Choose Toilets and Co. for Your Portable Toilets In Fairborn?

Don’t let inadequate restroom facilities spoil your event or disrupt your project!

Choose Toilets and Co. for all your porta potty rental needs in Fairborn, Ohio. Our commitment to cleanliness, a range of toilet options, and exceptional customer service guarantees that your guests or team have a comfortable and hygienic experience. 

Whether it’s a festival, construction site, or any outdoor gathering, we have the perfect restroom solution for you. Call today!

Porta Potty FAQs

We can provide same-day delivery toilet in many cases, but for the best service experience we recommend booking a few days to a few weeks in advance.

We deliver and service portable toilets in Fairborn, Ohio and the surrounding area, including Dayton. We are based in Springfield, Ohio.

Toilets and Co. provides all of the comprehensive maintenance services for all porta potty rentals. Our team will handle the cleaning, restocking of supplies, and waste removal on a regular schedule to ensure the units remain sanitary and functional throughout the rental period. If you have any specific concerns or require additional maintenance visits, our customer service team is available to assist and make arrangements as needed.




$ 335
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Same Day


$ 850 Weekly
  • Dumpster Rental at Weekly Charge


$ 515
  • 3 Days of Dumpster Rental