Porta Potty Rentals in Huber Heights

For those planning events or managing job sites in Huber Heights, secure and sanitary porta potty solutions are a click away with Toilets and Co.

Huber Heights Porta Potty Rentals

If you’re in Huber Heights, OH and are in need of porta potty rentals, look no further than Toilets and Co. 

From standard toilet units that get the job done to handicap accessible units and hand-washing stations, Toilets and Co. offers a wide range of options tailored to various capacities, requirements, and even budgets. 

But it’s not just about providing a place to “go.” With a dedicated service team, Toilets and Co. prioritizes the cleanliness of our portable restrooms day in and day out. When you rent with us for your huber Heights event, you can expect well-maintained and sanitary porta potties, delivered with exceptional service at competitive rates.

Renting Portable toilets in huber heights has never been this easy

Toilets and Co. has not only earned a reputation for clean and quality portable toilet rentals, but our extensive experience in the sanitation industry, combined with an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, has made us a reliable choice for porta potty rentals in Huber Heights. 

Whether it’s an event or a construction site, Toilets and Co. promises to prioritize the comfort of your guests or workers.

Storage Kingdom
Storage Kingdom
May 20, 2024
Professional, reliable, and overall great experience with Toilets & Co.! We used them at our construction job site for all the contractors and they were always there to take care of their units and cleaned them on time. Highly recommend!
Kara Tom
Kara Tom
May 13, 2024
Great! Very quick to reply & get us all set up. It was placed right where we wanted it. Very clean & worked great for our birthday party!
Mark Schutte
Mark Schutte
April 23, 2024
Wow! What a great company! They showed up with an immaculuent unit. They placed it, gave us extra paper, very attentive to every detail. It was a perfect delivery. Thank you
April 19, 2024
Very good and such an amazing price!!
Lisa Marie McClure
Lisa Marie McClure
April 15, 2024
10 out of 10... I contacted Chad after Mr. Clean (a much larger well known company) agreed to come out however stood me up without contacting me or returning my calls.. (very unprofessional) I stressed to them how urgent I needed their services for I had company coming in from outta state, stayed home from work and waited all day for a NO Show.. Needless to say i was beyond annoyed... Chad was very compassionate, professional and understood my urgency. .. Then Ryan came out to complete my services and I just want to express how kind, caring, compassionate & very professional he was... He was on time and very sufficient and just an all-around nice guy.. This (smaller not so well known company) is top notch... Superb professionalism... I will continue to use them and refer any and everyone I know that has campers and needs this kind of service.... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Delmarva Buildings
Delmarva Buildings
April 8, 2024
Delmarva Buildings has worked with Toilets & Co for approximately a year now and have only good things to say about them so far. We would use them on all our projects if they serviced all the counties we work in. Would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work!
Ryan E (RyIke21)
Ryan E (RyIke21)
March 20, 2024
It doesn't matter if you are renting for a weekend or if it's your personal use for your construction crews job site. These are some of the best rates and the facilities are kept up and cleaned regularly.
Brandi Hawke
Brandi Hawke
March 14, 2024
Very friendly and professional staff. Prices were great. I'd recommend this company for sure. I'd use again if I ever need to!

Renting Porta Potties for Small and Large Events in Huber Heights

We carry porta potties suitable for events of all sizes and with universal appeal in Huber Heights. Our portable toilets are frequntly used for:

  • Intimate outdoor weddings
  • Outdoor music festivals
  • Community sporting events
  • Bustling construction sites

Quality portable toilets ensure comfort and convenience for all, especially when you rent porta potties for large events.

Outdoor Weddings

Celebrating love amidst nature and with virtually unlimited space is just one advantage of outdoor weddings. But nature doesn’t come with built-in restrooms. That’s where porta potties from Toilets and Co. come in. For every 75 guests you’re expecting, we generally recommend to have at least one porta potty available. And these aren’t your average porta potties. Toilets and Co. offers standard and premium, handicap accessible portable restrooms that are perfect for any occasion. 

For outdoor weddings, Toilets and Co. focuses on providing your guests with a comfortable and pleasant experience. We offer a range of sanitary, comfortable porta potties with advanced features to cater to all your needs. With clean, well-maintained units and excellent customer service, you can focus on celebrating your special day in Huber Heights, knowing that your guests’ needs are taken care of with Toilets and Co.

outdoor wedding in Huber Heights

Music Festivals and Large Gatherings

While music festivals and larger gatherings can be a blast, they pose unique sanitation challenges. One of those is ensuring there are enough restroom facilities to cater to a large and sometimes unexpected number of attendees. The rule of thumb is to have at least one porta potty for every 75 to 100 people, depending on the event’s duration. 

But just having enough porta potties isn’t enough. You want them to be clean and functional throughout the event, too. Toilets and Co. offers standard restrooms and handicap accessible portable toilet units that are perfect for large-scale events. Our portable toilet rentals are designed to accommodate a high volume of users with cleanliness and comfort, ensuring that your attendees don’t have to face long lines or unsanitary conditions. With Toilets and Co.’s portable toilet rental service, you can focus on providing a great experience for your attendees, while we take care of the sanitation needs.

Whether it’s a music event or a weekend craft fair, Toilets and Co. promises to prioritize the comfort of your guests.

porta potties for outdoor events

Sporting Events

Porta potties prove indispensable in another scenario – sporting events. Whether it’s a road race, a fundraiser walk, or a community function, having sufficient restroom facilities is crucial for both participants and spectators. We recommend a ratio of 8 portable restrooms for every 1,000 people in attendance.

Whether your event is held in a small park or a large stadium, Toilets and Co. ensures that athletes and spectators have convenient access to restrooms. Our services include:

  • Clean and well-maintained porta potties delivered and picked up as-needed
  • Comfortable and hygienic facilities cleaned and re-stocked weekly
  • Prompt delivery and pickup
  • 24/7 customer support for emergency service or pumping

Our detail-oriented approach provides a comfortable experience for everyone, making your next outdoor sporting event more enjoyable and less stressful.

outdoor soccer tournament needing portable toilets

Construction Sites and Job Sites

Porta potties are necessity on construction and job sites where you expect your team in and out for more than a few days. Not only do portable toilets provide convenience for workers, but they also boost productivity by eliminating the need to leave the site for restroom breaks. Plus, having porta potties on site shows that you care about your workers’ comfort and well-being, and it shows your clients you prioritize their comfort by keeping workers out of the family bathroom.

Toilets and Co. offers a range of porta potties suitable for construction sites. Our standard units are durable and equipped with essential features like:

  • Urinals
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lockable doors
  • Weekly cleaning and re-stocking

We recommend having one porta potty for every 20 or so workers who will be on-site consistently.

Toilets and Co. offers standard restrooms and handicap units that are perfect for construction sites of all sizes so you can focus on providing a great experience for your customers and employees, while we take care of the sanitation needs.

Construction site

Whether it’s an event or a construction site, Toilets and Co. promises to prioritize the comfort of your guests or workers.

Toilets and co preparing to clean and empty a porta potty

Determining Your Porta Potty Rental Needs

If it’s your first time renting a portable toilet, determining your porta potty rental needs can pose a challenge. Several factors come into play, including:

  • The size of the event
  • The duration of the event
  • Environmental conditions
  • The type of event

For instance, a four-hour event may require one porta potty for every 75 guests. However, for longer events, you may need more porta potties. For weddings and formal events, the recommended ratio is one porta potty for every 25 people. But if it’s a concert with food trucks, you might need 12-15 porta potties for 1,000 attendees. The key is to understand your specific needs and plan accordingly. 

And of course, the team at Toilets and Co. is always available to guide you in making the right decision.

Porta Potty Rental Prices in Huber Heights

Standard Units

$135 + tax

  • 28-day rental & billing cycle, with weekly cleaning, supply re-stocking, and waste removal
  • Built-in non-splash urinal
  • Hand-sanitizer dispenser
  • Two-roll toilet paper dispenser


Our standard portable toilet unit is a cost-effective option for most events and construction sites, providing portable sanitation solutions. These portable toilet units offer basic amenities and are durable, making them a cost-saving investment in the long run. A standard unit typically consists of a sit-down toilet, toilet paper, and may have a urinal or hand sanitizer station.

When it comes to capacity, a standard porta potty unit can hold approximately 75 gallons of fluid and solids. Despite their simplicity, our standard units can meet the needs of most events and construction sites, providing a clean and comfortable restroom solution.

handicap porta potty rental

Handicap Units

$175 + tax

  • 28-day rental & billing cycle, with weekly cleaning, supply re-stocking, and waste removal
  • Built-in non-splash urinal
  • Hand-sanitizer dispenser
  • Two-roll toilet paper dispenser


While standard units are suitable for most situations, handicap accessible units are crucial for catering to guests with disabilities, particularly at public events. These units provide additional space and features to accommodate individuals with special needs. 

In accordance with ADA guidelines, you may be required to provide accessible units for your event. Providing handicap accessible units not only ensures compliance with regulations but also ensures that all your guests can comfortably use the restroom facilities.

Short-term rentals (less than than two billing cycles) require an additional $25 delivery fee. Delivery fee is waived for rentals of two or more units. On-demand or more frequent cleaning & waste removal is available for an additional fee.

Tips for a Successful Porta Potty Rental Experience

Getting a porta potty delivered in in Huber Heights doesn’t have to be tricky. 

With the right planning and Toilets and Co. on your side, we can ensure a smooth and hassle-free rental experience. Here are some tips for a successful portable toilet rental experience, covering everything from delivery and pick-up scheduling to maintenance and supplier selection.

Scheduling Delivery and Pick-Up

While we try to accommodate even emergency portable toilet rentals, planning ahead for your delivery can help, especially for larger events where you need a number of portable toilets on site.

Try to schedule deliver at least one day before your event begins to give us enough time to drop off and set up your porta potty units. Ensuring a clear path and level surface for the porta potties is also helpful for a smooth delivery and pick-up process.

Toilets and Co. provides knowledgeable professionals who coordinate the delivery and pick-up based on your requirements, ensuring a streamlined and convenient process. With prompt delivery and pick-up services – including emergency service or drop off whenever we can accommodate it – you can rest easy knowing that your porta potty needs will be taken care of without delays or inconveniences.

Keeping Your Portable Toilets Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your porta potties is vital for ensuring user comfort. It’s recommended to clean portable toilets at least once a week to ensure optimal sanitation. This includes:

  • Cleaning the urinal, toilet seat, tank exterior, walls, floor, and roof
  • Using anti-bacterial spray, toilet deodorizer, and odor removing spray
  • Stocking 2+ rolls of fresh toilet paper and refilling the hand sanitizer.

With Toilets and Co., you don’t have to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of your porta potties – it’s all taken care of. Our weekly cleaning and servicing ensure that the units remain clean and in top condition throughout your rental period. Focus on your event or project knowing that the sanitation needs are well taken care of.

Choosing the Right Portable Toilet Supplier

Selecting the right porta potty supplier can make a big difference in the success of your event. It’s important to choose a supplier who:

  • Understands your needs and event plans
  • Has a strong reputation
  • Is committed to quality service
  • Has reliable maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Knows regulations in Ohio and Huber Heights as a waste/sanitation hauler
  • It’s also advisable to compare pricing and contract terms to ensure cost-effectiveness.

With our wide range of rental options, excellent customer service, and competitive prices, Toilets and Co. is a trusted supplier of porta potty rentals in Huber Heights. Our great customer reviews say it all – find us on Google!

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Why Choose Toilets and Co. for Your Huber Heights Portable Toilet Rental Needs?

In the Huber Heights porta potty rental landscape, Toilets and Co. stands out for exceptional service and professionalism. Our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer your inquiries and guide you in choosing the most suitable porta potty rental for your event – at the right price. From intimate outdoor weddings to large-scale music festivals, we’ve successfully catered to a variety of end-users, ensuring clean and comfortable restrooms for all.

We’re family owned and operated, based right here in Springfield, OH, and are licensed with the state and Montgomery and Miami Counties. We follow all Ohio regulatory requirements and are licensed waste haulers!

The clear best portable toilet company around, we work hard to provide clean and well-maintained units, prompt delivery and pick-up, and excellent customer service to Huber Heights.

Toilets and Co. has earned a strong reputation in Dayton and Springfield for a reason, and we’re as committed as you are to the comfort and satisfaction of your guests or workers.

FAQs About Our Porta Potty Rentals

We provide porta potty rentals on 28-day billing cycles, but you can also keep it for just a single day or weekend if that’s what you need.

We provide porta potty rental services throughout the Dayton-Springfield region.

We also rent portable sinks in Huber Heights. These sink standard units provide a beloved courtesy and increased sanitation for your guests.

We do not provide flushable portable toilets or restroom trailers at this time.

We do not provide shower trailers at this time.

Porta potties have limited holding tanks and may require frequent servicing. Regular maintenance is crucial to avoid these issues, which is why Toilets and Co. takes sanitation and regular cleaning seriously.

Porta potties can be just as safe and sanitary as traditional toilets. In fact, because they don’t flush, the contents and particles don’t spread through the air and fly up onto other surfaces! And with the lid closed, odors are pulled up and out the vent pipe effectively.

Yes, there are urinals in all of our standard portable toilets along with a standard seat.

No, you do not have to dig a hole for a porta potty. Portable toilets are designed to be used without the need for excavation or a septic system, making them a convenient restroom solution for outdoor events and remote locations.

You should have one porta potty per 75 guests for events lasting a half-day or less, and adjust the quantity based on the duration and size of your event. The number of porta potties needed will vary for longer events, and our experienced team can help you decide on volume and duration of your portable toilet rental.




$ 335
  • Pickup and Drop Off in Same Day


$ 850 Weekly
  • Dumpster Rental at Weekly Charge


$ 515
  • 3 Days of Dumpster Rental